How Investors Can Cash In on Cuba

There will be plenty of opportunities to make money -- such as tourism and infrastructure -- if the decades-long embargo on Cuba is effectively lifted.

Is Travel Insurance a Smart Bet for Your Vacation?

Hurricane Irene's swath through the Caribbean this week probably left many of the no-longer paradise-bound wondering: Should I have taken out travel insurance? At the peak of hurricane season, even experts who usually shun the coverage say you should consider the policies.

Spirit Airlines Files for $300 Million IPO

Spirit Airlines filed plans for an IPO worth as much as $300 million. The airline, which offers low-cost travel to and from South Florida, the Caribbean and Latin America, would retain about half of the proceeds of the IPO and use most of the rest to pay down debt, The Wall Street Journal said.

Six Months Later, Haiti Foresees a Long Road to Recovery

How long will it take Haiti to make even a modest recovery from the devastating earthquake that killed 330,000 people six months ago? At least 20 years, according to the Action Plan released by the impoverished island nation's government.

Violence Puts a Chill on Jamaica's Tourism Industry

In Jamaica, where tourism accounts for around 20% of GDP, the violence surrounding efforts to arrest gang kingpin Christopher "Dudus" Coke is having an impact well beyond his Kingston neighborhood. Tourists are staying away in droves -- even from resorts far from the unrest.

Caribbean vacations getting cheaper!

If you happen to have money left over from the holidays and like to travel, good news! According (subscription required)to the Wall Street Journal,...