Unemployment Claims Jump to 410,000

More people applied for unemployment benefits last week, one week after claims had fallen to the lowest level in nearly three years.

The big drop a...

How to Get a Dance Degree -- and Land on Your Feet Financially

Getting a college degree in dance can easily leave an aspiring performer crushed under the heel of student loan debt -- but it doesn't have to be that way. College finance expert Zac Bissonnette points out a path around the pitfalls of a performing arts education.

The Top 10 Jobs in America

Hate your job? Thinking of moving to greener pastures? A new ranking of the country's best jobs might contain some career move hints. Some results may surprise you. Mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians aren't sexy, but they rank among the top.

People@Work: Boomers Are Turning 65 -- but Staying on the Job

The dawning of 2011 marks a milestone: The first of the nation's 76 million baby boomers turn 65, the traditional retirement age. New polls, however, show that for a range of reasons few boomers of this age are ready to retire. In fact, some don't ever expect to stop working.

Economists: Jobs Are Coming.
The Unemployed: When?

An increasing number of observers, citing a preponderance of positive data, are optimistic that the stagnant labor market is finally beginning to gain momentum. But the pace is still way too slow for those desperately seeking work.

21st Century Job-Hunting: A Tough Job for Older Workers

Finding a job is tough for anyone these days, but particularly hard for people over 50. Older workers need to adjust to a new world of online job boards and electronic networking if they want to stand out from the pack.

Another Bruising Month for the U.S. Labor Market

The Labor Department says companies added a net total of 71,000 jobs in July, far below the roughly 200,000 needed each month to reduce the unemployment rate. The jobless rate was unchanged at 9.5 percent. Overall, the economy lost a net total of 131,000 jobs last month, as 143,000 temporary census jobs ended.

Private Sector Added 13,000 Jobs in June, ADP Report Says

The U.S. private sector added 13,000 jobs in May, suggesting that job growth may be slowing. The gains were driven primarily by the service sector, which added 30,000 jobs in May, according to the report from ADP. The goods-producing sector shed 17,000 jobs, despite gains in the manufacturing sector.

Temporary Census Hiring Fuels May Jobs Report

The latest jobs report shows that employers added 431,000 workers to their payrolls in May. But it may not be time to get too excited just yet. Why? A good portion of the gains were due to the temporary hiring of census workers.