The Growing Strains Between Employees and Employers

A new report from Hewitt Associates highlight a growing tension between stressed employers and fatigued workers, who are responding to a lengthy period of uncertainty and confusion brought about by the recession and their companies' actions.

These Days, Even Temp Workers Are Struggling

Last week's employment report was disappointing: Employers cut double the number of jobs expected, added fewer new ones than predicted, and even temp job numbers fell to a loss. Is this a trend or an anomaly?

Five 'Impractical' Majors That Might Make You Rich

There aren't many surprises on the lists of which college majors tend to yield the lowest salaries. But what matters more than your major is what you do with your degree after you graduate. These courses of study may do poorly on average, but the skills they teach could turn you into a big winner.

Interns: Take it one at a time

Interns: Take it one at a timeAn intern came to me last week with an interesting question: She wanted to know if she could do two internships simultaneously during the coming fall...

Are you pretty enough to get a job?

are you pretty enough to get a job?Are you beautiful enough to get a job? And I don't mean a back-of-the-kitchen job where no one will see you, although an outside-the-kitchen job as a...