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Why Samsung Electronics Should Say No to Drugs

Samsung Electronics is known for its smartphones, TVs and memory chips. Now it wants to tackle biopharmaceuticals, on Friday announcing a new joint venture to produce drugs to treat cancer and arthritis.

It's Getting Harder to Come Up With a Successful Drug

The odds of shepherding a new drug to market in recent years has fallen to nearly one in 10 -- about half of the previous rate, according to a new study released this week. First, a new treatment must survive several layers of clinical studies -- and then the FDA approval process.

Is ImmunoCellular Another Rising Star in Biotech?

Much like Dendreon, which has a promising prostate cancer drug, ImmunoCellular is developing a cancer drug. In this case, it battles brain cancer, and a Phase I trial turned in remarkable results. But unlike Dendreon, ImmunoCellular is still pretty much an unknown.