Saving Money at Summer Music Festivals: Tips from the Experts

Music festival season is here again, promising sun, fun and amazing musical combinations. But even with discounts, the costs can quickly add up. So we polled insiders and experts for their best tips on enjoying the music without emptying your wallet.

How to Save Money at Summer Music Festivals

Summer music festivals offer a fun way to hear the country's best bands, but between tickets, travel, food and accommodations, they aren't cheap. So we asked directors and promoters of some of the summer's top events for their favorite penny-pinching tips for festival-goers.

Backyard For Rent: Gardeners and Campers Welcome

There are plenty of folks out there with green thumbs, but no place to get their hands dirty. Renting out a plot in your backyard to a would-be gardener is an easy way to earn some extra cash. Or, if your home is somewhere scenic, you might just want to let someone pitch a tent.

Keep those paws off my brew

We may not be spending much these days, but what we are spending money on is telling. And in this case, It's good to see we've got our priorities...