Wrigley to Roll Out Alert Energy Caffeine Gum

Wrigley is about to roll out a new brand of gum -- and, the company warns, it has a bitter, medicinal taste. Still, Wrigley has high expectations for the product, because it’s packed with caffeine.

A Success Equal Parts Caffeine, Chemistry and Meditation

5-Hour Energy's mixture of caffeine, vitamins and amino acids fuels millions of hectic days and nights, and a multibillion-dollar company. But its founder, Manoj Bhargava, tells Forbes that his lifelong pursuit has been inner tranquility. A contradiction? He thinks not.

Of Four Loko and Student Loans: An Accountability Crisis

Under the threat of an FDA ban, the makers of alcoholic energy drink Four Loko are changing its recipe to remove caffeine, guarana and taurine. But the only problem a ban of Four Loko would solve is to save young people from thinking they have personal responsibility for their choices -- again.

Google Pours a Cup of Caffeine

Google (GOOG) unveiled Caffeine Tuesday evening, aiming to give its Web indexing and link delivery system a jolt of speed in finding new pages as well as delivering the most current version of existing pages.

The revolution drinks tea

In a trendy beverage progression he describes as "Red Bulls, coffee, and everything else," Digg founder Kevin Rose has now arrived at an ancient...

Need more coffee in your coffee?

Green Mountain Coffee just came out with a new version of coffee that comes with an extra caffeine. It says Revv will have "will have 27% more...