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Why Jon Stewart Matters More Than Keith Olbermann

At least in part due to comments made by Jon Stewart at this weekend's Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann announced he was suspending his show's well-known "Worst Person in the World" segment indefinitely.

'Parker Spitzer' Is a Bust, and CNN May Already Know It

CNN says it's confident in its newest show, starring Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer, but there's reason to think the network is already quietly lining up the fire trucks next to the runway in expectation of a flameout.

CNN Hopes to Spin Its Own Story with Change at the Top

CNN is sick of being the punching bag of the cable news world. Explaining why the network replaced the head of CNN U.S., CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton cited what he described as unfair press coverage focusing on CNN's declining ratings, while ignoring its growing profitability.

CNBC's Dennis Kneale Set to Exit, Say Sources

Dennis Kneale's turbulent but entertaining tenure at CNBC is set to end, barring a last-minute plot twist. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Kneale, the business channel's media and technology editor and one of its most recognizable faces, is likely to leave after his current contract expires sometime in the next several weeks.

Piers Morgan Finally Lands Larry King's CNN Job

The British newspaper journalist and TV personality will take over in 2011 from King, who was originally set to retire this fall. Morgan is already known to U.S. viewers of America's Got Talent, the British show's spin-off.

Spitzer Needs a No-Nonsense Co-Host

CNN's in talks to hire Eliot Spitzer, even though the former New York governor comes with plenty of baggage. One solution to his image problem: Pair him with a strong female cohost.

Will Larry King's Low Ratings Hasten His Retirement?

Larry King's status as CNN's top-rated host has long kept unwanted talk of retirement at bay. But with his audience falling 43 percent in the last three months, speculating about his replacement may no longer be an idle exercise.

CNBC Loses Gasparino but Keeps Faber

Did Fox Business Network score a major coup when it hired tough-talking CNBC reporter Charlie Gasparino (pictured) to be its new senior correspondent? Charlie Gasparino certainly thinks so. In fact, he's already tweeted about a scoop: "I've already started kicking ass!"

Obama to America: Switch Off Cable News

President Obama is exhorting Americans to break the cable news habit. And he's right, because cable news emphasizes unimportant and visually sensational "news" instead of information with actual news value.