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Legal Briefing: Court Gives the OK for 'Indecency' on TV

When the FCC decided in 2004 to start fining broadcasters over the use of fleeting expletives, the agency became a caricature of a state censor. Now, the Second Circuit has ruled that the 'indecency' policy was unconstitutionally vague. So what's next for dirty words?

Oprah After Dark: Will Daytime Viewers Tune In?

You couldn't ask for a better star to build a new network around than Oprah Winfrey, who just might be the most popular entertainer in America. But will her magic be as potent on cable as it was in broadcast -- and in prime time as it was in daytime?

Oprah's New Show Could Threaten Big Networks

Oprah returns with a new show that will air in the evening, vying with the big networks for audience share. Her new show could be up against some of the most popular shows on television, competing for eyeballs and top advertising dollars.

The Cablevision-Disney Oscar Fight Hints of Things to Come

While the two sides in this dispute reached a tentative agreement to settle before millions of viewers were left with no Academy Awards telecast, more fights like this are bound to occur. So, don't be too quick to ditch your rabbit ears.

Viacom's Daily Show and Colbert Report Exit Hulu

The two sides couldn't agree on terms for an extension, apparently because Viacom was asking for a more generous split of ad revenue than Hulu was willing to provide. The move is the latest indication that free video site was too good to be true, or at least to last.

Microsoft Xbox Challenges Cable TV

Microsoft plans to use its XBox Live as a means to stream movies and TV shows into people's homes. If the extremely ambitious program eventually works as planned, customers could have no need for their cable TV.

Comcast and NBC Universal Merge

Comcast Corp. (CMCSA) Thursday officially announced its long-awaited deal to gain control of NBC Universal from General Electric Co. (GE). The parent company of the NBC television network and Universal Pictures will be run through a joint venture.

10 Minutes With: The Video Professor

John W. Scherer may be the "Video Professor" on infomercials that are a ubiquitous part of cable television. In real life, he was an indifferent...