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New Management Guide Also Offers Value to Investors

Prestigious management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. just published 'Value: The Four Cornerstones of Corporate Finance,' a guide to help executives create shareholder value. Lead author Tim Koller shares his thoughts with DailyFinance about how the book might also help investors profit.

Not Ready to Abandon Buy-and-Hold? Try These

That strategy sure has taken plenty of abuse in today's frenzied, algorithm-powered trading world. But some true believers remain undeterred. Take Albert Meyer, a money manager who's built an enviable record by keeping this faith. Here are five of his favorite stocks.

Why Dow 11,000 Is Worth a Lot Less Now Than in 2001

When adjusted for inflation, the current stock market hasn't recovered nearly as much as it seems if look at only nominal prices. At best (reinvesting all dividends from a "share" of the 2001 Dow), you've gained 3.6%. Otherwise, you're down by some 23%.

How to Profit From Earnings Report Surprises

Buy-and-hold investing has been a loss for the last decade, and low-risk options will never get you the returns you'll need to retire in style. So how can you find real profits in the market? As venture capitalist and business guru Peter Cohen explains, the answer may be in anticipating surprises.

Short-Term Trading: Is It a Wise Strategy?

On his Mad Money show last week, Jim Cramer encouraged viewers to add short-term trading to their portfolios. But how can an investor determine with certainty when a stock has "flown too high" and when to buy it back?

Fearful Investing Is Hazardous to Your Financial Health

Many investors are taking steps to make themselves feel safer in this uncertain economy: jumping out of stocks, buying bonds, or even dabbling in the high risk end of the pool looking for bigger returns. But that sort of short-term strategy could jeopardizing your retirement.

How to Beat Jim Cramer's Portfolio for Free

Finance expert Dan Solin has a simple gripe with CNBC's Jim Cramer: The "Mad Money" host acts like he has some special insight into the markets that is of value to investors, despite clear evidence that he doesn't. So how can you get better returns than Cramer? Read on.

Don't Break the Investing Rules With ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are lauded for their low cost, tax efficiency, and transparency, their popularity shows no signs of ebbing. But even a good thing can be misused. Read on for five ways that bad strategies can turn a good ETF into a bad investment.

Savvy Stock-Pickers' Buy-and-Hold Favorites for 2010

Nearly two months into the year, uncertainty continues to roil the stock market. But that's precisely when opportunity knocks, and when smart stock-picking can triumph. Here are some top picks for this year from some top stock-pickers.

All Dow 10,000s Aren't Created Equal

It's no wonder stock market cheerleaders don't want us to look at 2009's Dow 10K in terms of our purchasing power: The results are sobering. For example, 1999's Dow 10K bought 8,300 gallons of gasoline, but 2009's version is worth only 4,000.