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CNBC's Dennis Kneale Set to Exit, Say Sources

Dennis Kneale's turbulent but entertaining tenure at CNBC is set to end, barring a last-minute plot twist. According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Kneale, the business channel's media and technology editor and one of its most recognizable faces, is likely to leave after his current contract expires sometime in the next several weeks.

CNBC Loses Gasparino but Keeps Faber

Did Fox Business Network score a major coup when it hired tough-talking CNBC reporter Charlie Gasparino (pictured) to be its new senior correspondent? Charlie Gasparino certainly thinks so. In fact, he's already tweeted about a scoop: "I've already started kicking ass!"

Kinsley Out as Editor of Atlantic's New Business Site

Michael Kinsley, the Slate founder and all-purpose genius, is stepping down as editor of the not-yet-launched business site of Atlantic Media, publisher of the Atlantic magazine. He had been in the position since October, and he confirms his departure in an exclusive to DailyFinance.