bull vs. bear

Stocks Post Gains, but Dow Fails to Hold 12,000

The Dow crossed the technically meaningless but psychologically soothing 12,000 level for the first time since June 2008 but closed just shy of that plateau. Markets don't move in a straight line, and plenty of indicators hint at a pullback -- or even a full-blown 10% correction.

Inside Wall Street: Goldman's New Pro-Cyclical Stock Picks

Leading the new pack of bulls who forecast a big leap in the U.S. economy and the stock market are the economists and analysts at Goldman Sachs. And they've a compiled a large batch of their "best-idea" stocks that they're convinced will outperform the market in 2011.

Rising Bullishness: A Sign to Sell or Justified Optimism?

A supposed truism on Wall Street is that betting against the crowd is always a wise move. And these days, the crowd is decidedly bullish. Yes, that's often a sign that the end is near. But right now, a good argument can be made that things will still get better.

Eight Contrarian Signs About That 2011 Stock Rally

A continued rally in U.S. stocks next year is becoming an article of faith. But beneath the bullish sheen of several positive reports, many other key statistics and indicators are bearish or neutral. Investors might want to balance the widespread confidence by looking at these eight.

As Sentiment Shifts, Pension Funds Could Turn to Stocks

Now, even over-the-top bears like bond giant Pimco are doing a bullish about-face, and that makes it tougher for fund managers to keep avoiding the stock market. If they start returning to a historical stock allocation, that could further boost equity prices.

An Investor's Best Approach to the Bull vs. Bear Battle

Big money managers can change their strategy at any time. But for individuals investors -- who are betting their own money -- the decision to be bearish or bullish is much tougher. Here's the key question: What lets you sleep at night?