Asian real estate shares plummet, steep fall for Buffett's BYD Co.

In Hong Kong Wednesday, the Hang Seng index lost 0.3%, ending the day at 22,840. In China, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.6% to close at 3,303,...

Why Warren wants Walmart

why-warren-wants-walmartWarren Buffett is doubling up on Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (WMT) stock. Why does Warren want Walmart? Obviously, he thinks the price will go up from the...

Daily Blogwatch: Is Citigroup the new 'greatest trade ever'?

Is Citigroup (C), the new greatest trade ever?


Warren Buffett shows pity on the average investor with his stock split.



Gates, Buffett to biz students: We're still bullish on capitalism...Okay, billionaires

Much of the fun of observing the friendship between Warren Buffett and Bill Gates is derived from the fact that they are such unlikely comrades. In...

Daily Blogwatch: Will Cuban buy the Dodgers? Did Buffett get bailed out?

Uh oh, it's Friday the 13th tomorrow. How does the Dow typically perform on Friday the 13th?


Some evidence that there's been...

Daily Blogwatch: Why gold will reach $2,500!

Total Black Swan: How did California make an economic comeback?


The top tech companies have $269,000,000,000 in cash they can use to...

Daily Blogwatch: The worst idea for a bad economy!

Darwin's Finance explains why the normal correlation between gold and the dollar has broken down.


And speaking of which, The...

Manufactured homes may need more than tax breaks to spur sales

President Barack Obama's recently extended homebuyers' tax credit may help revive the flagging fortunes of the manufactured home industry -- and not...

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway buys Burlington Northern in $44 billion deal

warren buffett

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A) announces that it will buy the remaining stake that it does not already own in railroad giant Burlington...

Daily Blogwatch: The Warren Buffett Christmas list

Based on the current scenario, the S&P 500 has always bounced in the past.


I'm pleased that this Christmas list for Warren...

Daily Blogwatch: Profit from global cooling; is the market overvalued?

Is Warren Buffett really a value investor?


How to profit from global cooling, by me.


Why do bankers make so much...

Daily Blogwatch: Why we might never see another Buffett; Galleon's actual returns

I was curious about this and now I know why: Galleon's month-by-month returns going back to 1992.


In my review of Super Freakonomics,...

Daily Blogwatch: Buffett says worst is over; 10 facts about Smurfs

Facebook, as cast by Hollywood.


The latest wisdom from super investor Seth Klarman. Buy the way, if you want to buy his book on...

Daily Blogwatch: Why the recession is over; how to get by on a billion or two

More reasons that the recession is over.


Super Freakonomics denies Global Warming -- or does it?


Six essential...

Daily Blogwatch: Goldman tells us where to invest; Sesame Street does 'Mad Men'

Goldman Sachs tells us where to invest.


Freakonomics notes that some good can come from swine flu.



Daily Blogwatch: Stocks the bull market overlooked

How to implement super investor Jim Roger's favorite investment idea.


Goldman loves these stocks with BRIC exposure.


Daily Blogwatch: How to survive on only $1,000,000 a year; Buffett's recommended reading

How to survive on only $1,000,000 a year salary in a recession.


The Halloween Indicator is not dead yet.


Daily Blogwatch: Buffett's health care stocks, AIG is worth zero, what is Twitter worth?

Whelp, I guess this is proof: the V-shaped recovery, courtesy of Crossing Wall Street.


My favorite shortseller thinks AIG is...

Daily Blogwatch: Which big bank will implode next? What's Berkshire Hathaway really worth?

Bespoke has the average analyst price targets for all the bank stocks. How far they have come!


The Daily Beast figures out which big...

The Daily Blogwatch: Your nightmare portfolio, why does Buffett own GE?

Here's your worst nightmare: the absolute worst places to put money in 2009.


Kick or go for it? What the NFL can teach us...

The Daily Blogwatch: Who's better -- Buffett or Soros?

My favorite game and yours. The story of tetris.


The lonely value investor does a sum of the parts analysis on Loew's and...

Asian markets: Warren Buffett sends shares in Chinese suitmaker soaring

Asian stocks rose Thursday sending the MSCI Asia Pacific Index to a new high for the year, ending the day at 118. This indicator has increased 69...

The Daily Blogwatch: Warren Buffett's new portfolio, Apple is a sell, and where's the next bubble?

What lessons on investing can we learn from .400 baseball slugger Ted Williams?


The ratio of...

Buffett pulls back on buying stocks

After buying large when the stock market tanked, Warren Buffett now thinks its time to pull back on buying stocks. He's cleaning out some dead wood...