A Rookie's Guide to Investing in Emerging Markets

The U.S. stock market's recent gyrations have many investors ready to look overseas for better returns. But it's a complicated world out there, which is why many less-experienced investors are still sitting on the global sidelines. Here's what you need to know make investing in emerging markets a little less scary.

Three Stocks Set to Soar on Emerging Market Growth

Sky-high oil prices may slow U.S. economic growth in the quarters ahead, so prudent investors may want to put some money into companies with strong international operations that can take advantage of growth elsewhere. Here are three impressive options.

Can the Global Economy Thrive Without the U.S.?

Three years ago, the financial crisis that hit America spread across the globe, dragging the world into its deepest recession in seven decades. Now, the U.S. recovery is losing momentum, but economists say this time, when America sneezes, the world doesn't have to catch a cold.

China's Market Cap to Pass U.S. by 2030

A new report by Goldman Sachs examining emerging market says the total value of Chinese stocks are on track to become the world leader. And emerging nations' total share of global equities will reach 55% in 2030 from 31% now.

A Message from Middle East Stock Markets?

Should it matter to U.S. investors that Middle East stock markets are among the worst-performers this year, with many trading at or near 52-week lows? Hard to know for sure, but this is a development that bears watching.

Big Pharma Eyes Developing Nations for Sales Growth

Thanks to rising affluence, more sedentary populations and Westernized diets, the demand for drugs that combat cardiovascular diseases is growing in the developing world. And Western pharmaceutical companies are paying attention.

Oil passes $75 on its way up

Oil traded on Globex moved to $75.15 overnight Tuesday. Part of the reason is that OPEC said it expected demand to rise next year -- up by 200,000...