How Long Will Dudley's Honeymoon Last?

BP's new CEO Bob Dudley has received a warm welcome in the U.S. press, in large part because he's an American born and raised near the Gulf. While Dudley's local roots may help soothe some nerves in the disaster-stricken region, it's only a matter of time before the harsh realities of the worst oil spill in American history come to the fore.

FDA sued over lack of action on BPA

A leading environmental group has sued the Food and Drug Administration for dragging its feet on its request 20 months ago to ban the use of...

Minnesota Is First to Ban Chemical BPA in Baby Products

The Gopher State will be a happier place for babies come Jan. 1. That's when it enacts the first-ever ban on plastic sippy cups and baby bottles containing Bisphenol-A. The Federal government has yet to act on BPA, a controversial chemical feared to harm fetuses and children.

Recession finally hits bottled water

Brandweek is reporting that bottled water sales grew by less than 1% in the first six months of 2008. That's quite a comedown for the industry that...