Is Botox Really Recession-Resistant?

The lineup of Allergan products reads like a Hollywood starlet's wish list: Botox, breast implants, Latisse. Last week, the company reported 14% higher quarterly sales, aided by a 16% surge in Botox sales. The company also boosted its full-year sales forecast despite the market's reacting violently to a possible recession and sovereign debt issues. Is Botox really recession-resistant? Can the company manage yet another possible recession?

Cosmetic Surgery: Are the Payoffs Worth the Price?

Despite the recession, the cosmetic procedure industry has continued to grow across the board, with injectables creating a whole new business line in the industry of youthful appearance. But what do patients really get out of these procedures -- and are they worth the money?

Allergan Pays $600 Million to Settle Botox Charges

Pharmaceutical firm Allergan has settled criminal and civil charges that it promoted Botox for uses the FDA hadn't approved, agreeing to pay $600 million and enter into a "corporate integrity agreement." Allergan also dropped its related First Amendment lawsuit against the FDA.

Has Botox jumped the shark?

Jennifer Aniston said she tried it once but didn't like how it made her face feel. Her BFF Courteney Cox Arquette felt the same way after one...

Botox use declines with the economy

In the fourth quarter of 2008, sales of Botox fell by 3% compared with the same period in 2007.According to The New York Times, Botox is less...