Why Barnes & Noble Will Never Be Great Again

This isn't how Barnes & Noble wanted to write its final chapters. The liquidation of rival Borders this summer should have been an opportunity to grab market share, and it's Nook e-reader should have kept it relevant. Instead, a price war is exposing the retailer's financial shortcomings.

Borders: Getting Closer to the Bookseller's Final Chapter

The country's second-largest book retailer had been counting on a Christmas miracle to rescue it from deep financial doldrums. But the holiday season played Scrooge instead. Now, confronting a liquidity shortfall, a bankruptcy seems more likely than ever.

Borders' Bid for B&N Will Go Nowhere Fast

When Barnes & Noble announced it was looking for a buyer, we entertained the fanciful notion that its smaller rival, struggling book retailer Borders, might put in a bid. As absurd as the idea was, that buyout offer has been made. Here's why it has virtually no chance of succeeding.

Is Borders' Sale of Its Corporate HQ a Death Knell?

Surely, the sale of Borders' Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters for almost $18.4 million adds to the persistent rumors of the company's imminent demise. But the truth is more complicated and has more to do with real estate than books.

Borders Will Pop Up Temporary Shops for the Holidays

Borders, the nation's second-largest book retailer, is trying a new tactic to gain a much-needed sales boost heading into the end of year shopping season: It's opening 25 "pop-up" shops meant to last only for the holidays, the company announced Tuesday.

Books-A-Million's Predictable Earnings Story

For investors, Books-A-Million stands out for its stability in a turbulent industry. The bookseller reported that second-quarter profits climbed to $1.9 million, although its sales fell.

Borders Group Finds Its Rich Uncle

Bennett LeBow, financier and chief of tobacco company Vector Group, will become Borders' chairman and biggest shareholder with his $25 million investment in the struggling bookseller. The deal needs shareholder approval, and it's likely to get the nod.

Books-A-Million Scoops Up Stake in Fro-Yo Chain

This is a wild time to be in the book biz -- change is coming fast, and everyone is struggling to adapt. But in its quest to evolve and survive, the country's third-largest bookstore chain is trying something completely offbeat: It's buying a stake in a tiny self-serve frozen yogurt chain.

Barnes & Noble's Executive Suite Gets Shuffled

CEO Steve Riggio is stepping down, though he'll remain vice chairman and stay "actively involved." Taking over as CEO is William Lynch, who has been leading B&N's e-commerce efforts. And Mitchell Kipper will become CEO of B&N's retail group.

Borders Delays Payment to Publishers

Days after reporting dismal holiday earnings, Borders Group is reportedly paying only some of the publishers it does business with, and the ones losing out are in the process of taking legal action.

Bookstore Holiday Sales Lag Behind Overall Retail Picture

With the holidays behind us, and customers redeeming their gift cards, big-box bookstores are taking stock of how they fared, compared with the overall positive holiday retail sales picture. Things were bad for Barnes & Noble big-box and Books-a-Million midsize stores.

Borders Spares 20 Waldenbooks Stores

After announced that it would close 200 of its 330 Waldenbooks stores by early January, Borders is changing its tune ever so slightly, and now plans to spare about 20 stores originally slated for the chopping block.