Why Barnes & Noble Will Never Be Great Again

Like many retail bookstores, Barnes & Noble has seen sales soften at its stores, but investors are worried because its Nook e-reader isn't replacing lost hardcover sales.

Barnes & Noble to Close Up to One-Third of Its Stores

Barnes & Noble CEO Mitchell Klipper told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that his company will have 450 to 500 retail locations in 10 years -- down from nearly 700 now. Still, he insisted "it's a good business model," despite competition from e-books and online retailers.

For Investors, Lessons from the Death of Borders

Following Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Borders now has to liquidate its remaining stores. But there's a bright side to the big box bookseller's death: Its long and tragic tale provides plenty of fodder for investors. Use these lessons to ensure that your future investments have a happier ending.

Books-A-Million Earnings Drop in Third Quarter

The bookseller had a "disappointing" quarter with comparable store sales down nearly 6%, but a deal with competitor Barnes & Noble to sell the Nook e-reader could help end the year on a more positive note.

Is Borders' Sale of Its Corporate HQ a Death Knell?

Surely, the sale of Borders' Ann Arbor, Mich., headquarters for almost $18.4 million adds to the persistent rumors of the company's imminent demise. But the truth is more complicated and has more to do with real estate than books.

Walmart vs. Amazon, it's war!

Walmart fired a deafening shot at Thursday, announcing plans to sell 10 hot new books for just $10 at its Web site, Yep,...

Barnes & Noble rolls out free Wi-Fi

Wow, a marketing campaign that actually benefits the rest of us? Yes, it's true, courtesy of bookstore monolith Barnes & Noble. B&N just...