Mayhill Fowler Stings Huffpo in Final Blog Post

When Huffington Post blogger Mayhill Fowler quoted Barack Obama and Bill Clinton saying things they'd never have said had they known she was a member of the press (sort of), her editors couldn't have been more pleased. But when Fowler pulled the same stunt on those editors, they were far less delighted.

Microsoft's WordPress Deal Looks Like a Win-Win

WordPress, the hugely popular blogging platform produced by Automatic Software, is becoming the default blogging platform for Microsoft Live users. Microsoft has pretty much killed its homegrown blogging platform, and that's good for both companies.

Crossed Signals: Social Media Betwixt Boss and Staff

CNN firing Octavia Nasr over her Tweet on a cleric in Lebanon is the latest high-profile controversy regarding social media. The dust-ups show the difficulties many corporate cultures have as their employees embrace new ways of communicating.

Can Digital-Age Teens Still Talk to Analog Parents?

With social networking transforming the way people relate to each other, some fear technology "generation gaps" are increasing. Yet just as Mick Jagger's lips didn't end Western Civilization, I argue that texting, twittering and blogging will only increase connections between people and generations.

Finder's Fee or Bribe? A Study in Blogger Ethics

Blogging as a form of journalism is new enough that the ethics of it are still being worked out. And blog ethics can be a particularly treacherous area for those who wander into it unawares -- as New York City publicity executive Katherine Rothman, CEO of KMR Communications, did last week.

So you want to be a full-time blogger?

A full-time blogging gig sounds ideal, doesn't it. Schlepping around in pajamas and slippers, and sipping coffee while aimlessly writing and surfing...

The business of mommy blogging

While many people blog just for fun, for others, this is serious business. There are blogs that are easily recognized as business ventures (like this...

Can you get rich by blogging?

The finance site 24/7 Wall Street just released its list of the 25 most valuable blogs, and the sites are worth millions of dollars. These valuable...