19 Great Freebies for Your Birthday

Dozens of establishments will give you special treats on your special day. Here are 19 that offer you birthday freebies that truly are free.

Facebook CEO Turns 28, IPO Could Be $100B Gift

He famously wears a hoodie, jeans and sneakers, and he was born the year Apple introduced the Macintosh. But Mark Zuckerberg is no boy-CEO. Facebook's chief executive turned 28 on Monday, setting in motion the social network's biggest week ever.

Birthday freebies and deals

Got a birthday coming up? I do. Here are some of the best freebies and discounts to take advantage of on your special day. A lot of them involve ice...

Fantastic Freebies: Birthday party kit

Your kids may not be hankering for oatmeal at their birthday parties, but Quaker has more to offer than just breakfast porridge. You can get a free...

Is birthday insurance worth it?

Just when you think there is insurance for everything, Commemorative Life Insurance has come out with, "AfterThoughts Birthday Insurance" which will...