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A Wall Street Lawyer's Take on Financial Reform

Winthrop Brown, a Washington lawyer who lobbies on behalf of financial services firms, says the new regulations should get fairly high marks from Wall Street -- and from Main Street. But will they prevent another economic meltdown?

Tips for Vetting an Investment Adviser

The Bernard Madoff scandal made a lot of people wonder if they'd checked out their brokers or advisers thoroughly enough. If you haven't gone through the steps to vet the person who's holding your hand when it comes to your investments, here's where to start.

Keep stolen money? Lawyers think yes

"Finders keepers, losers weepers ..." We all learned it on the playground. Elvis even sang about it. But some of us -- and by some I mean corporate...

Madoff Tells Fellow Inmates He Has '$9 Billion Stash'

Bernie Maddoff has reportedly been bragging to his fellow inmates that he has "stashed" $9 billion with three close friends. While the claim could be true, it could also just be one more attempt by the Ponzi schemer to boost his street cred in prison.

Judge: Some Madoff Victims Are Out of Luck

Some of Bernard Madoff's former clients got bad news on Monday after a judge decided many aren't eligible for compensation for their losses. The ruling, which seems likely to be appealed, endorsed a controversial method that would favor compensating individuals who received less money than they deposited into Madoff accounts.

Alexandra Penney on Losing It All to Bernie Madoff

On Dec. 11, 2008, the artist and former editor discovered that her investment adviser, Bernard Madoff, had defrauded her. In her forthcoming book, The Bag Lady Papers: The Priceless Experience of Losing It All, Penney writes about it, and here she talks about it.

Madoff Victims Struggle to Recover Money

A close associate of Bernie Madoff, awaiting his sentencing, has put his New Jersey mansion up for sale to help compensate the victims. But the judge and the trustee on the case are struggling with prosecutors to determine who gets what, and how much.

How Much for Bernies Boogie Board?

Half the pain of selling keepsakes and mementos lies in the realization that one's life is worth only a fraction of "face value." But for Bernie...

Trustee targets Madoff's sons

For months, many of Bernie Madoff victims have loudly questioned the government's refusal to target the famous schemer's family. It now seems that...