Squeezing Seniors: Social Security Stays Flat as Prices Rise

Besides the unemployed, nobody is getting hurt worse in this economy than seniors. Prices on many commodities are skyrocketing, but the Consumer Price Index, which is the yardstick used to adjust Social Security for inflation, is virtually unchanged.

Retirement Confidence Continues to Erode

Americans are far from feeling confident about paying for retirement, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute's latest annual survey. The findings aren't a complete surprise, but digging deeper into the data shows one interesting trend: men are more confident than women when it comes to feeling capable of affording their golden years.

Retiring to make more money

With the economy sputtering, many employees are retiring to make more money.

Many, like my husband, worry that retirement benefits will change in...

Tap runs dry for Molson retirees

Retirees from Molson Brewing Company in Canada are learning that their retirement benefits are being cut and the worst news is that they can't even...

And the Gay Tax is? $1,820 per year

NPR contributor Nancy Goldstein has calculated the "gay tax" -- the amount gay couples must spend to receive the same services that married...

Employers cut back on 401(k) matches

Seeking to find cash wherever they can in this tough economic climate, 34 percent of companies have reduced or eliminated their matching funds to...