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Jobless Numbers Deliver Mixed Messages

It was a mixed-progress week on the labor front as initial jobless claims fell a better-than-expected 11,000 to 457,000, but continuing claims rose 81,000 to 4.57 million, the Labor Department reported.

Beige Book Report: Economy Has Slowed Down

The latest Beige Book report from the U.S. Federal Reserve confirms what other recent economic reports have suggested: The U.S. economic recovery slowed somewhat in the second quarter, with some regions reporting stalled conditions.

The Fed Sees Recovery Building -- Except in Jobs

The U.S. economy grew modestly in April and May, the Fed said in its latest Beige Book report, with auto demand displaying unexpected strength. The labor market, however, showed only the slightest improvement.

The Latest Fed Beige Book Report: Just a Little Better Than Bad

Economist looking for unambiguous signs of a national economic recovery won't it in the Federal Reserve's latest edition of the Beige Book that was released on March 3. Though nine of 12 Fed regions showed improvements, "in most cases the increases were modest."