'Unprecedented' Bat Die-Off Could Devastate Farming

A fungus is threatening to kill off most of North America's bat population, and that's a really big deal. Bats eat bugs -- vast quantities of bugs that would otherwise eat our crops -- and they pollinate plants, too. If researchers can't save them, U.S. agriculture will suffer a major blow.

New York City's Next Big Cottage Industry: Beekeeping

The barriers to entry in the craft of beekeeping are almost nonexistent in New York now that the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has voted to allow people to keep bees. Beehives are relatively inexpensive; about $150 or $200 for a standard-sized hive with queen and workers. You need a spot with morning and midday sun, while the east side of a fruit orchard might be the ideal spot, any roof will do, too.