bedbugs outbreak

The Brutal Business of Battling Bedbugs

A vast industry has sprouted up to fight infestation, from bug-sniffing dogs to portable fabric steamers to undercover exterminators. The front lines are jammed with all manner of measures, including pricey and high- and low-tech options.

Bedbugs: They're Popping Up Everywhere and Bleeding Us Dry

Bedbugs are back, and they're worse than ever. While pesticides have kept the pests under control for decades, EPA decisions to ban several classes of chemicals have benefited the bugs. And between lawsuits and pricey eradication, the bloodsuckers are biting Americans in the wallet.

Bedbugs Bedevil Hollister Store

For years, dissatisfied customers have griped that Abercrombie and Fitch bleeds its customers dry; on Wednesday, they were proven literally right when the flagship store of Hollister, the retailer's teen-oriented chain, closed its doors amid evidence of a bedbug infestation.