10 Things You'll Be Paying More for This Year

Expect to pay more this year for many consumer goods -- from diapers to toothpaste to Big Macs. Just as the typical American family will finally have a few more dollars to spend, inflation will take a chunk of that extra cash.

Three Greentech Auto Stocks to Watch

The hard-hit U.S. auto industry is making a comeback, partly due to advances in green technology. That should be good news not only for the industry, but also for investors. Hilary Kramer explains how to profit.

Electric Car Projects Have the Most Buzz for Green Investors

Investors are bullish about the electric car business, with startup CODA Automotive the latest to bag additional venture capital for the launch of its first vehicle. It joins many carmakers with plans to launch electric cars for the masses.

An IPO Parade in Cleantech

Two cleantech start-ups, biofuel maker Codexis and solar-energy firm Solyndra, recently filed for IPOs, and others are rumored to be contemplating them, among them sexy electric car company Tesla Motors and smart grid integrated-technology maker Silver Spring Networks.

Exploding iPhones: Fearmongering

The blogosphere is burning with news that the European Union is investigating reports of exploding Apple (AAPL) handheld devices. A French teenager...

Free hearing aid batteries

Energizer is offering free batteries for hearing aids. What was that? ENERGIZER IS OFFERING FREE... Oh never mind. No need to yell. Good thing this...

Free Energizer rechargeable charger

With Christmas upon us, it's the perfect time to get a battery recharger for all of the new toys taking over your house. And a free charger makes it...

Rayovac Batteries

Rayovac is offering a coupon for $1 off any pack of its batteries. Click here to print it.Rayovac batteries can be found for $1 per pack in some...