News Corp. May Be Considering Bid for Texas Rangers

News Corp. may bid for the bankrupt Texas Rangers baseball franchise, according to The New York Post. News Corp. is "leaning toward making an offer" at Wednesday's bankruptcy court auction, The Post, which is owned by News Corp. said without naming its sources. News Corp. is "leaning toward making an offer" at Wednesday%u2019s bankruptcy court auction, The New York Post said without naming its sources. News Corp owned the LA Dodgers from 1998 until 2004.

Legal Briefing: In Ohio, You're Speeding if the Cop Says So

Ohio's Supreme Court says its state's cops don't need radar to pull speeders over -- they just need to believe the drivers are speeding. But giving police that authority invites abuses, so two Ohio legislators are trying to pass a law that overturns the decision.

Baseball giveaways that pack a wallop

As I stuffed my free "Let's Go Mets!" beach towel into my backpack after Sunday's game at Citi Field, I pondered the price of a silk-screened strip...

Does Baseball Really Need More Technology?

When baseball umpire Jim Joyce blew a call this week with two outs in the ninth inning, he ruined a pitcher's shot at perfection and ignited a national conversation about the state of the game. One fan likes it just the way it is.

Legal Briefing: Faked Evidence in a Chevron Pollution Case?

Chevron is facing billions in potential liability stemming from its alleged contamination of the Ecuadorian rain forest. However, one particularly damning report of the pollution appears to be a forgery. Chevron just released a deposition by Charles Calmbacher, in which he says he had found contamination, but none as bad as in the reports written above his signature.

High-Tech 'RoboGlove' Could Save Teams Money

Baseball's hottest rookie is the XProTeX: a glove its creator claims can diffuse the blow of a 100-mile-per-hour fastball to a 39 mph blooper. The "RoboGlove" could save millions of dollars for Major League teams, which last year each lost an average of 200 player days to disability.

Major League grass for sale

Fans who can't afford to make it to the ballpark this spring can bring the ballpark to them. The turf company Scotts, now an official partner of...

Yankees give fans a break next year

In the world of professional sports, rising ticket prices is the norm. But in a recession, keeping ticket prices the same for a year is news. The...

Ballpark box seats are going on sale

Do you live with a baseball "superfan?" Are you one yourself? If so, this might be your lucky year, as ballparks around the country slash prices on...