Bankruptcies: Could 2011 Be Even Better Than 2010?

In another bit of good economic news, the list of U.S. business bankruptcies will likely get shorter, and probably less distinguished, in 2011, just as it did this year. Still, several factors beyond an improving economy are also at play here.

House or Food? Consumers Protect Their Credit Cards

Normally, it would be considered a positive sign that people are reducing their credit card debt load. But a series of statistical releases this week confirms an ominous new trend among desperate consumers: They have stopped paying their mortgages but are continuing to pay off their credit cards so they can continue to buy staples, like food.

A Record Year for Corporate Defaults

Global corporate defaults totaled 265 in 2009, reaching their highest levels ever. A report issued Friday by Standard & Poor%u2019s confirmed the highest ever corporate default total for the US, and forecasts significantly improved levels of default risk for 2010.

Personal bankruptcies on the rise

Some new numbers have come out that serve as a reminder that the country is in a recession, regardless of what economists say. Last month, personal...