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Free Checking Lives, With Sneaky Fees

You might assume that free checking is one of those banking benefits on the way out, but that's not the case: More than a third of checking accounts charge no monthly service fee. But that doesn't mean that banks don't expect to profit from your checking business. Here are the fees that make "free" a highly inappropriate designation -- and how you can avoid them.

Tips to Reduce Your Banking Costs

Everyone knows that if you want to save money, banks are a great place to sock it away. But if you're not saving enough these days, you might want to...

Bank of America Considers Tiered Fee Structure

Bank of America (BAC) may introduce a tiered fee structure modeled on mobile phone service contracts. Under the proposed scheme, the bank would reward customers who maintain minimum current account balances, use their credit card a certain number of times each month, or do all their banking online, The Financial Times reported. Customers who don%u2019t do these things would be charged more.

Cost of Consumer Protection: Higher Bank Fees?

Proposed financial services reforms will create a new consumer financial protection bureau that will write rules for virtually all financial transactions, including credit cards and mortgages. New rules for debit cards will reduce the costs merchants pay to banks to process debit card transactions. But less revenue for banks may mean more or higher fees to customers.