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World Stocks Surge; Dow Breaks All-Time High

World stock markets rose Tuesday as investors applauded China's pledge to stick to economic growth targets for its economy, the world's second largest. Outgoing Premier Wen Jiabao said the government would spend what it needs to meet the target of 7.5 percent enshrined in the latest five-year development plan.

Markets Cautious Ahead of Debt Ceiling Vote

Stock markets traded cautiously on Wednesday ahead of a U.S. vote on raising the nation's borrowing limit temporarily. The House is set to vote on a motion to increase the nation's $16.4 trillion borrowing ceiling for three months.

Nuclear Catastrophe Sinks Japanese Shares

Japanese shares are enduring a tsunami of their own as investors pull money out of a market that is becoming more and more unstable by the day. The Nikkei 225 Index plunged 10.6%. In Hong Kong the Hang Seng Index slid 2.9% and in China the Shanghai Composite Index fell 1.4%.

Bank of England Leaves Interest Rates, Asset Buying Unchanged

The Bank of England left interest rates at 0.5% for the 20th month in a row and maintained its asset-buying program unchanged, Reuters reported. The interest rate decision was widely expected by economists. Still, mixed economic data and a divided policy-making board mean that the future is uncertain for the asset-buying program.

Wealthy Investors Are Diving Into Gold by the Ton

The very rich have begun to hedge what they see as a dangerous financial world by buying gold -- in some cases literally by the ton. Recent reports show that several banks have begun advising their wealthiest individual clients put as much as 10% of their assets into the precious metal.

Japan Cuts Interest Rate to Zero

Japan's central bank has cut its key interest rate to a range of 0% to 0.1%, effectively introducing a zero-interest-rate policy.

Bank of Japan Unveils Measures to Contain Yen, Boost Economy

Japan%u2019s central bank unveiled new measures to stem the rise in the value of the yen and boost the country%u2019s flagging economy. Following an emergency meeting, the central bank announced a new six-month low-interest loan program to financial institutions, raising the total amount of credit available to banks to 30 trillion yen ($355 billion), The Associated Press reported. Policy-makers also voted to keep the key interest rate at 0.1%.

Bank of Japan Mulls Action on Rising Yen

The yen eased down a bit on Wednesday from the 15-year and nine-year highs it set Tuesday against the dollar and the euro respectively, with the market watching for possible intervention from Tokyo to curb the currency's rise, which threatens Japan's fragile economic recovery.

Deflation: Bad for Japan, but Brutal for the U.S.?

With talk of outright falling prices gaining steam in the U.S., it pays to reexamine what happened in Japan during its "lost decade." Turns out that the Japanese economy had several buffers -- including less dependence on housing -- that the U.S. is now lacking.