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Why All of Us Might Pay for BoA's $5 Fee

Last week, Bank of America ignited a firestorm of controversy by choosing to charge its customers $5 a month to use their debit cards. Now, an angry consumer group has called for a federal investigation. Is this overkill or a smart response to what could be a budding disaster for the bank -- and taxpayers?

Bank of America's $8.8 Billion Black Eye

"The largest loss in Bank of America's history." That's the sound bite from the bank's second quarter earnings report, which disclosed an $8.8 billion bottom-line loss. But now that BOA is atoning for its mortgage-related sins, there's a chance its stock may be undervalued.

BofA Earnings: Special Charge Leads to Big Loss

Bank of America reported a third-quarter net loss of $7.3 billion, or 77 cents per share, because of a $10.4 billion goodwill charge related to legislation passed over the summer. Excluding the charge, the bank reported adjusted net income of $3.1 billion, or 27 cents per share, trouncing expectations for 16 cents a share.