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FDIC: Bank Earnings Hit Five-Year High in 2011

A surge in earnings by the biggest banks at the end of last year made 2011 the most profitable time for the industry in five years. More earnings and fewer troubled banks suggest the industry has healed since the 2008 financial crisis.

A Reader Asks: Is My Money Safe in the Bank?

More than 70 U.S. banks have failed this year, according to the FDIC. And one DailyFinance reader wants to know how safe is the money in our bank accounts? Laura Rowley responds.

FDIC Confirms Good News, Bad News for U.S. Banks

The financial headlines of the last several months have shown large banks making near-record profits, and small banks being closed at a pace of three or four per week. The FDIC has released its comprehensive report on the industry for the third quarter, and it confirms that fairly positive assessment.

Dr. Doom's Latest Prediction: Over 400 Banks Will Fail

Nouriel Roubini, the renowned NYU economics professor with the nickname "Dr. Doom," has offered up another dire prediction: Even if the U.S. and Europe manage to avoid a double-dip recession, it will still feel like a recession, and more than 400 U.S. banks will likely fail.

FDIC: More Sick Banks but Sector Is Recovering

The FDIC says the number of troubled financial institutions and bank failures are increasing, but the number of loans 90 days or more past-due has declined for the first time in four years. FDIC chair says "This is the best quarterly profit for the banking sector in almost three years."

FDIC Closes 82nd Bank in 2010

Regulators have closed the Washington First International Bank in Seattle, bringing to 82 the number of U.S. bank failures this year.

U.K. Fines J.P. Morgan Securities for Money Mixup

The U.K.'s Financial Services Authority slapped JP Morgan Securities with a hefty fine Thursday after it was revealed that the bank had co-mingled customers' futures and options account funds with its own money for seven years.

What Went Wrong at WaMu: Weak Regulators Ignored Risks

Agency infighting and regulators' disregard of shoddy lending practices allowed Washington Mutual Bank, which failed in 2008, to continue to make high-risk mortgage loans and sell them as securities into the market, a Senate investigative subcommittee reported Friday.

How Small Banks Profit from Rivals' Failures

The big national banks get most of the attention, but it turns out that small banks are even more interested than their larger competitors when it comes to snapping up failed former rivals. Some 46% of small banks say they're interested in bidding for failed banks' assets or deposits, compared with just 36% of large banks.

TARP: One Big Success but Many More Failures

The Congressional Oversight Panel's December report on TARP concluded that it "proved decisive enough to stop the panic and restore market confidence," but failed to address many of the "ongoing problems" in the financial markets and the broader economy. However, it didn't call for ending the program.

Commercial Real Estate Loans Gone Bad Imperil Banks

It's no secret that one of the biggest dangers facing banks today is that loans to builders of office towers, malls and other commercial properties are going sour at a quickening pace. Financial regulators, including Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. chief Sheila Bair, have warned of the risk.

Regulators seize two more banks

Regulators shut down two banking units of Irwin Financial Corp. (IFC) Friday, marking the 93rd and 94th failures this year of federally insured...