bank bailout

A Second Financial Crisis: More Likely Than You Think

Financial Times editor and author John Authers says moral hazard, easy money and self-interested fund managers are still at work undermining the stability of financial markets that most investors still take for granted.

Legal Briefing: Microsoft's Attack on Click Fraud

Microsoft has launched a click-fraud lawsuit in its fight against the practice that drives up costs for online pay-per-click advertisers. But where are Google and Yahoo, who own huge pay-per-click networks, in this battle?

Recession Causes Second April U.S. Budget Deficit in 27 Years

The federal government posted an $82.7 billion deficit in April, only the second April deficit in the past 27 years. Normally, the month sees a surplus due to the Apr. 15 tax-filing deadline. But the financial crisis has squeezed tax revenue.

Can an EU-TARP Buffer the World From Europe's Crisis?

The financial crisis that started with overly indebted Greece is spreading rapidly to engulf Spain, Portugal, and European Union banks. The world may need a TARP-like rescue effort to contain Europe's contagion.

Why Senator Dodd Should Fire His Chief Counsel

Senate Banking Committee, which Dodd chairs, retains a general counsel, Amy Friend, who apparently tried to profit off the implosion of Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, AIG and other financial institutions in the 2008 collapse. The counsel's actions were legal -- but despicable.

Pandit: Citi Is No Longer a Financial Supermarket

Citigroup's CEO told the TARP oversight panel that "Citi is now a smaller institution that is focused on being a bank." He also called for greater consumer protections at the federal level. And Pandit stressed that Citi is solvent and won't need more TARP funds.

Why Is the Fed Siding With Banks Over Taxpayers?

In perhaps the most epic lawsuit of the bailout era, the free press, led by Bloomberg L.P., has sued the Federal Reserve over its commitment to keep the bank bailout details secret. If the Fed and its bank allies win, all the bailout details will remain shrouded in secrecy.

AIG Bonuses? Fine, Under These Conditions

How about waiting to pay any bonuses to AIG employees only after U.S. taxpayers have gotten all their money back? Then bonuses should come out of AIG profits. No bonuses until those conditions are met.