TastyKake Maker Considering Merger or Sale

Tasty Baking (TSTY), the maker of Tastykakes, said it is looking at options including a merger or sale as the company feels the pressure from declining sales. The company is also facing "unanticipated operational challenges" related to its bakery in Philadelphia%u2019s Navy Yard, CEO Charles Pizzi said, according to The Associated Press. The company has now lowered projected savings in the fourth quarter to $10 million from $13 million.

Legal Briefing: English Muffins' Nooks Hold Trade Secrets

The nooks and crannies of Thomas's English Muffins are so special only seven people know all three of the trade secrets involved in making them. And for now, one of those seven, Chris Botticella, has been told by the courts that he can't go work for rival Hostess.

Sara Lee Considering Selling North American Bakery Unit

Sara Lee Corp. (SLE) is considering selling its North American bakery business and has asked its financial advisers to test interest from potential buyers, The Wall Street Journal reported. The company%u2019s advisers are speaking to companies and private equity firms that might be interested in purchasing the unit, which had $2.2 billion in annual sales, The Wall Street Journal reported without naming its sources.

Woman bakes her way out of foreclosure

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Apparently it works with banks as well. Angela Logan, a divorced mom of three in Teaneck,...