Ethanol, the Next Generation: Corn Is Out, Cellulose Is In

It has become clear to politicians and scientists that corn-based ethanol isn't the solution for creating a home-grown fuel source. Enter "cellulosic ethanol," made from wood chips, weeds or algae: Is this the fuel of the future? A company called Mascoma is gearing up to prove it is.

NASA Discovers Microbe that Thrives on Toxic Arsenic

NASA has discovered a bacteria that can use arsenic -- which is toxic to most forms of life -- as a building block of its DNA. Scientists say the discovery may broaden our definition of what constitutes life and may revolutionize how we search for life beyond Earth.

Merck's Diarrhea Drug Could be First in 30 Years

A Merck-licensed drug to fight a bacteria blamed for increasing rates of deadly diarrhea in hospitals and nursing homes was found to cut repeat infections by 72%. The drug reduces the risk of re-infection by the bug and its more virulent new strain more than in patients taking only antibiotics.

Contaminated teethers recalled by Nuby

Teethers sold under the Nuby, Cottontail and Playschool brand names have been found to be contaminated with bacteria and are being recalled by the...