Ford Sales Surge 46% in September

Ford Motor (F) reported higher sales in September on strong demand for fresh models, as sales rose 46% compared to September 2009, the company said Friday.

GM Sales Jump 10.5% in September

General Motors reported Friday that overall vehicle sales in September 2010 climbed 10.5% on a year-over-year basis, based on strong demand for its new generation of crossover vehicles. Among its four core brands -- Buick, Cadillac, GMC and Chevrolet -- GM sales rose 22%.

Logistics Provider LINC Hopes to Deliver a $115 million IPO

Outsourcing logistics to specialists is an ever-more popular, and cost efficient, move in corporate America -- and the sector is poised to grow further. One top firm in the field, LINC Logistics, is optimistic enough about the future that it has filed for a $115 million IPO.

A Bumpy Cruise Down Memory Lane in My Mercury

My first car was a Mercury Tracer, which served me exceedingly well. That set me up for another Mercury, a 1995 Mystique. Soon enough, however, it earned the name I'll always remember it by: Mercury Mistake.

Volvo may end up in China

China is buying into foreign real estate and metals companies. It is expanding the reach of its oil field holdings and investing in foreign energy...

Fantastic Freebies: Car Care Guide

The Car Care Council -- an industry trade group of sorts -- is offering consumers a free guide to caring for their cars. According to the...

How not to buy a car

Check out the video below for the results of a Dateline investigation into one car dealer's slimy sales practices. Here are 2 tips for how to avoid...