Will You Get Audited This Year?

Claiming an excessive amount for charitable donations and forgetting to include a form are among the most common reasons for audits.

Year-End Paperwork Purge: What to Keep, What to Shred

Even the most digitally savvy consumer can amass reams of paperwork by year's end, from ATM and gift receipts to credit card statements and tax forms. Here's the skinny on what to keep and what to toss in the year-end paperwork purge.

Your Taxes Are Due!

Unless you've filed for an extension, today is the last day to get your taxes turned in to the IRS. It also happens to be Tax Freedom Day, when the average American has worked enough to have paid their taxes for the year.

How to Prepare for a Tax Audit

It's no secret that the IRS is ramping up the number of audits in an attempt to close the "tax gap." That's the term the IRS is using to account for...

IRS Is Picking on the Little Guys -- and Losing Money

Want to lower your odds of an IRS audit? Try filing as a multibillion-dollar corporation. The IRS has cut back the time it spends auditing large companies by a third, even though auditors recover $9,354 per hour from their filing errors -- eight times more than is recovered in audits of smaller businesses.

5 tax moves that may trigger an audit

When I was a kid, I wanted to look like everyone else. I wanted to have the same feathered bangs, the same tapered jeans, and the same white Keds as...

Koss Fraud Probe Widens

The news keeps getting worse at embattled stereo-headphone maker Koss Corp. The Milwaukee company now fears that the amount that disappeared from its...

Give your home an energy audit

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, run by the University of California provides a great resource for finding ways to reduce your energy...

Keeping tabs on the money in Iraq

Arguments about the merits of the war effort in Iraq aside, it would be nice to know that the money intended for rebuilding the country and doing...