Who Really Owns Facebook?

Facebook's ownership is becoming murkier by the minute. During a court hearing Tuesday, the company's attorney said she was "unsure" whether founder Mark Zuckerberg signed a contract that could potentially give an 84% stake in the company to a New York businessman.

'Friending' With Benefits: Why Lawyers Love Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have developed an unusual, but perhaps unsurprising, new fan base: divorce attorneys. As more people stray into infidelity via connections made on the Internet, lawyers are profiting from the evidence left behind by all that online over-sharing.

Legal aid for the rest of us

I have a friend, Laurie, from Long Beach, California, who is having tax issues with the IRS. Getting the problem resolved isn't something she can do...

Lawyers apply for a $30,000 (fake) job

You know the job market for lawyers has to be tough if there are actually applicants for a $30,000 a year position. An attorney in New York posted...