Is the Web Dead? No.
But It's at Risk

Wired magazine has just declared the demise of the wild, open web, eclipsed by discrete apps and walled gardens -- all controlled by powerful corporations like Apple. Here's how this dire vision dovetails with the Google-Verizon net neutrality deal.

The 25 Companies That Cut 700,000 Jobs

Since the recession began, more than 8 million Americans have lost their jobs. But perhaps even more surprising is the small number of companies that are responsible for laying off such a large percentage of today's unemployed workers.

How the FCC Bungled Net Neutrality

While often well-intentioned, the agency has watched its own "open Internet policy" slowly, but systematically, crumble over the last five years. Now under Julius Genachowski, the FCC faces an almost no-win situation regarding net neutrality.

Google Denies 'Devil's Pact' With Verizon

Google and Verizon denied reports of a proposed tiered services deal that would allow web sites to pay broadband providers for the privilege of getting content in front of users more quickly. The alleged deal had proponents of net neutrality up in arms Thursday.

The New BlackBerry Torch: A Rival for iPhone?

Research In Motion unveiled the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and a new operating system on Tuesday in a bid to show it, too, can deliver a cool consumer gadget. It's sleek, comes with a touch screen, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a host of new social media and Web browsing features. But can it beat Apple at its own game?

Senators call web tracking 'creepy'

Senators call web tracking 'creepy'They may only be web ads that pop up for days after you visit a website to research information, but some U.S. senators are worried about the...

How Many Workers Can You Hire for the Price of One CEO?

CEOs at some large public companies earn more per day than their employees earn over the course of an entire year. We took a look at some of the country's most well-known companies and calculated just how many workers the CEO's annual paycheck could afford to hire.

Apple: It's the Software, Not the Antenna

Apple Inc. (AAPL) said it is "stunned" to discover iPhones use a "completely wrong" formula to display signal strength, The Associated Press reported. Many users of the new iPhone 4 have complained that the signal strength drops dramatically if the phone is held in a certain way. Many users of the new iPhone 4 have complained that the signal strength drops dramatically if the phone is held in a certain way.

Verizon iPhone Reportedly Set for January Launch

Verizon Wireless, will begin selling Apple's iPhone early next year, opening up the wildly popular device to millions of new customers, Bloomberg reported. Such a move would end Apple's exclusive arrangement with AT&T which for three years has been the sole iPhone service provider.

'Transparent' FCC Continues Secret Internet Meetings

The FCC's closed-door meetings with industry giants over internet regulation continued Tuesday as the agency's chief of staff defended a process that has effectively shut out the public. Public interest groups said they were "appalled" and demanded the agency "reverse the secrecy."

Closed-Door 'Open Internet' Talks at the FCC

Federal Communications Commission officials held closed-door meetings Monday with cable and telecom lobbyists who oppose the "open" Internet rules proposed by agency Chairman Julius Genachowski. Critics accused the FCC of trying to broker a back-room deal.

IPad Hacker Behind Bars ... on Drug Charges?

A lead hacker for the security group that exposed an AT&T iPad vulnerability has been arrested on drug charges. Authorities booked Andrew Auernheimer, 24, after allegedly finding cocaine, ecstasy and LSD in his home.