Gambling at Casinos With Welfare Money?

In California and Michigan, welfare recipients use their Electronic Benefit Transfer cards to withdraw the funds from ATM machines in casinos. If they proceed to roll the dice with the money, wouldn't this be state-backed gambling?

As Some Banking Fees Fall, Others Will Rise

As new laws clamp down on some credit card and account fees, banks are likely to find other ways to offset the lost income. Among the possibilities: Hefty increases in annual credit card fees or an end to free checking.

PerkStreet Offers 2% Cash Back Reward

"We can give the average American family $500 a year, spending what they already do on their debit card.", Dan O'Malley, CEO of PerkStreet told...

Senators Push for a Cap of 50 Cents on ATM Fees

Banks make a tidy profit off ATM fees but a proposed amendment to the financial reform bill would cap fees at 50 cents per transaction. It may end up hurting consumers if banks end up closing less-profitable ATMs.

ATM Theft: $9 million in 30 minutes

I think a new record has been set for how much money can be stolen in a record amount of time. One group of fraudsters got away with $9 million in a...