atlas shrugged

Pop Quiz: Do You Know Your Utopias as Well as Glenn Beck?

Last month, Glenn Beck proposed the creation of "Independence USA," a libertarian community. And if his vision is unique, the quest for utopia isn't. Read on, and find out how well you know the dreamers and crackpots who have tried to create "perfect" societies.

Will John Galt Bag Backlash Squeeze Lululemon?

High-end yoga retailer lululemon athletica has been offering tote bags emblazoned with the phrase "Who is John Galt?" Apparently, the answer is: Someone yoga practitioners are ready to boycott. Seems Ayn Rand's selfish Objectivism doesn't mix well with lululemon's customer base.

Atlas Shrugged: The Story Behind the Camera

Ayn Rand's most famous novel may soon become a movie. However, objectivists, libertarians and assorted Rand fans might want to hold off on taking their victory lap: Chances are good that this Atlas will leave audiences shrugging.