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Starbucks CEO Invites Concerned Citizens to Chat

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has grand plans to cut through the partisan noise and remind our country's politicians of their problem-solving duties: On Tuesday, he's hosting a gigantic, public telephone town hall, and asking all "concerned Americans" to join his movement and participate.

Google and AP Reach New Hosting Agreement

The biggest wire service and the leading search engine have worked out their differences. Google and AP have reached a new licensing deal that will ensure the latter's content will be hosted on Google News for a long time to come.

CNN Drops AP: Old Media Models Vs. New Journalism

CNN has cut ties with the Associated Press, whose wire service has been a backbone of American news media for over a century. The move says volumes about how the news industry and its traditional business models are changing in the ever-accelerating information age.

Little Hope for Legacy News Organizations

Copyright and fair use doctrine were at the heart of a recent debate about how news organizations are going to make money in the digital age -- if indeed they are.

Inside Job Possible in Google Cyber-Attack

Google is now investigating whether some of its own employees helped carry out the recent cyber-attack in China, which exposed Gmail accounts of U.S. companies and Chinese dissidents. News reports also say foreign reporters based in China were targeted by the hackers, too.

AP Reporter No Longer Has Haiti Beat to Himself

Jonathan Katz, who had the Haiti beat largely to himself thanks to newsroom cutbacks in international coverage, is no longer alone. Media's biggest names including Diane Sawyer and Anderson Cooper have landed since the earthquake. Katz's house here is in ruins, but he mourns for the rest of the island.

Google and the AP Play Hardball

Is Google no longer playing nice with Old Media? The search giant has stopped hosting new stories from the Associated Press, as talks over a new licensing deal flounder. The AP reportedly wants more from the deal, while Google's move seems designed to show the AP what the loss of Google News readership would mean.

Media World: The naming of the flu

Would a virus by any other name be so controversial? Probably not. When the first cases of a mysterious illness that killed otherwise healthy young...

Associated Press wants users to pay up

The Associated Press, the news cooperative owned by 1,500 newspapers nationwide, as well as about 5,000 radio and TV stations, announced this week...