Bad Fortune: Five Bizarre Billionaire Murders

Money can buy you power, but it can't always save your life: Here's a list of the world's richest murder victims, some of whom met deadly ends that one would more likely expect to see on the movie screen: bombs, arson and even a kinky sadomasochistic sex scene.

Struggling NJ Bowling Alley Owner Torches Better-Run Competitor

When bowling alley manager Steven Smink was asked by the Press of Atlantic City about a fire that engulfed his rival Loyle Lanes Bowling Center of Vineland, N.J., outside of Atlantic City, he sounded sympathetic. But now he has been charged in the fire.

House in foreclosure? Set it on fire!

News reports say that as the number of mortgage foreclosures increases, so do the number of "suspicious" fires. When the fire occurs mere days before...