In Construction, a Year of Flat Growth Would Be Welcome

If you want to see how the construction industry will do in 2011, look at how the architects did in 2010. By that gauge, last year's thin uptick in spending on building design and engineering services foretells a similar small gain ahead for builders -- and after two years of steep declines, any growth at all is welcome news.

China Beckons West Coast Architecture and Building Firms

China's construction growth, fed by a thriving economy and a massive population movement from rural to urban areas, will dwarf that of the U.S. over the next ten years, giving building companies with a West Coast presence a chance to offset the effects of sluggish domestic construction demand by hawking their expertise overseas.

The Real Wall Street: The Financial District's Physical Legacy

The term "Wall Street" has become so much a metaphor for the financial world that it's easy to forget it's a real place, too. But a new exhibit at New York's Skyscraper Museum aims to show us what an architectural treasure we have in that half-mile stretch of lower Manhattan.