You're Losing Your Right to Sue Big Companies, One TOS at a Time

To celebrate National Consumer Protection Week, we recently highlighted a few quick actions that consumers can take to protect themselves. But the sad fact is that the most potent consumer protection tool -- the class-action lawsuit -- may soon be all but extinct.

BBB Admits Mistakes On Pay-For-Ratings Issue

The Better Business Bureau's slogan is "Start with Trust" -- but not so fast. It seems the go-to source for consumers looking for unbiased reviews has some inherent conflicts of interest: It has been taking money to give businesses higher ratings.

Signing 'Standard' Agreements Can Bankrupt You

Those "standard" agreements big businesses like to impose on small clients are one-sided deals intended to protect their interests while reducing or eliminating your legal rights altogether. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider this cautionary example.

Treasury Rushed GM, Chrysler Dealers to Close

The Obama administration's auto industry task force failed to fully consider how many jobs would be lost at car dealerships when it rushed General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy last year, a report issued Sunday says.

GM and Chrysler Dealers to Learn Their Fates

General Motors and Chrysler dealers whose outlets were slated for closure will soon learn whether their appeals to stay in business or reopen have been successful. Arbitration hearings are set to wind up Wednesday, and decisions are due by the end of next week.

'Too Sexy' Banker Coverage Misses the Point

DailyFinance's legal correspondent Abigail Field has avoided weighing in on the Debrahlee Lorenzana case -- until now. But its time to look at the facts: Whether the Citigroup banker was "too sexy" isn't the point. The question is, did Citigroup create a hostile, discriminatory workplace?