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iPad 2: Don't Expect Apple's Stock to Pop

Apple is expected to unveil the new version of its popular iPad on Wednesday, but investors shouldn't hold their breath for a huge pop in the tech giant's stock price after the debut. The reason: History shows there's a big difference in how the markets greet Apple's revolutions versus its evolutions.

Apple Stock to Plunge on Steve Jobs News?

It's still unclear exactly what is currently ailing Jobs, but many investors are likely thinking that it does not bode well for the future of Apple. Beyond Tuesday's trading, it will likely be a rocky road for Apple's stock until Jobs's health situation becomes clear.

Apple Takes a Bite Out of $300

Shares of the consumer electronics company crossed the $300 mark for the first time ever Wednesday. And with sales of iPhone 4s and iPads still holding steady, there could be more room to grow.

Why Apple's Stock Can Rally On (and Why It Might Not)

What factors can push Apple to keep improving its performance? And what could slow down the stock's relentless rise? Here are six things -- four positive, two negative -- that could help determine Apple's price in coming months.

Daily Blogwatch: Is Apple Going to $1,000?

Should Facebook go public or take on debt? Will Apple stock hit $1,000? Why are Chinese companies so cheap? Read about these and more in today's top online stories for investors.