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A Bear Outlook for Apple? Analysts Cautious on Sales

Apple's shares are trading at about $347, just shy of their all-time high of $364.90, which they hit in February. Its second quarter earnings were record-breaking. So why are some analysts beginning to worry about Apple's stock?

Could Apple's Shares Hit $500 This Year?

Apple's earnings per share nearly doubled last quarter, and its performance the previous quarter was almost as good. But Apple's shares are only up 11% in the last six months, trailing the Nasdaq. Still, there are reasons to believe that the stock will take off.

Will Apple Earnings Feel Aftershock of Japan's Quake?

Apple is gearing up to report its quarterly results after the markets close Wednesday, and both investors and consumers are wondering if it'll take a hit from Japan's massive earthquake and tsunami, which have already rocked the earnings results of some other tech titans.

Without Steve Jobs, What Kind of Apple Would Carry On?

The company has already proved that it can thrive while the CEO is away. But what's still not clear is whether Apple can remain far more than a tech company once he truly retires. Whose vision can possibly keep Apple the cultural phenomenon that Jobs has made it?

Why Jobs's Absence May Not Keep Apple Shares Down Long

Twice before the iconic CEO had to leave the company in others' hands, and if that history is any guide, Apple investors may see the stock price do well once again in his absence -- providing they can handle the pain of the drop long enough to enjoy the recovery.

Sony Rises on 'Pure Speculation' of Apple Interest

Sony shares rose as much as 3% on Tuesday in Japan on rumors it could be a potential acquisition target of Apple. But the media reports that the traders cited were apparently just musings by columnist Eric Savitz of Barron's.

Daily Blogwatch: Yoga for Traders

Some of the day's top online stories for investors, including Warren Buffett's worst trade ever, what typically happens when Apple gaps down big on earnings, and a quick way to make a million.

Apple Reports Profit of $4.3B on Record Sales

Tech juggernaut Apple handily beat earnings and revenue expectations last quarter, but supply constraints prevented the company from reaching its full potential. In other words, Apple literally cannot produce enough products to meet consumer demand.

Apple Earnings Set to Shine on iPhone, iPad Sales

As usual, expectations are high, but Apple has a way of exceeding optimistic hopes, partially because it's an inveterate low-baller of financial expectations. The only possible hitch: Apple is having trouble making enough products to meet consumer demand.

Week in Preview: The Earnings Crunch Is Back

Third-quarter reports are due from tech, financial, airline and pharmaceutical companies, amont others. Here's a day-by-day rundown of the coming earnings highlights, with a closer look at Apple, Harley-Davidson, Netflix and Southwest Airlines.

Why Apple's Stock Can Rally On (and Why It Might Not)

What factors can push Apple to keep improving its performance? And what could slow down the stock's relentless rise? Here are six things -- four positive, two negative -- that could help determine Apple's price in coming months.

Apple Earnings Crush Estimates, Stock Soars

Apple obliterated Wall Street expectations Tuesday, reporting record revenue and earnings on strong sales of its iPhone and iPad devices. It was the strongest quarter by revenue in the history of the 34-year-old company. Apple also offered a robust forecast.