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Hearst CEO: Print Newspapers Will Survive

The rest of the industry may be envisioning an all-digital future, by Frank Bennack Jr., vice chairman and CEO of Hearst Corp. is sanguine about the prospects for dead-tree newspapers. "They'll be around as ink and paper for as long as the eye can see," Bennack said Monday.

Why SI Ignored Apple's iPad Guidelines

Magazine publishers are at great pains these days to please Apple (AAPL), whose fast-selling tablet computer, the iPad, just may be the key to their future survival. But following all the persnickety dictates handed down by Steve Jobs isn't always easy, as Sports Illustrated recently realized.

Apple Subscription Plan Not So Great for Publishers

There's nothing newspaper and magazine publishers crave more right now than a straightforward means of selling subscriptions via Apple's app store. But the news that Apple is on the verge of announcing a plan to let them do just that is likely to be of limited comfort to them.

Apple's New Guidelines Mean App-solutely Nothing

After much criticism, Apple has published new guidelines to help developers know what sort of apps are likely to get approved or rejected. Sounds good. But if anything, they make matters only more confusing.

Glamour App Hits the iPad

While the first wave of magazines made available on the iPad consisted largely of male-oriented titles, Glamour's Apple app goes live today.

Alcatel-Lucent's Buy Gives It a Mobile-Apps Boost

Unlike its previous buys, Alcatel-Lucent's latest acquisition of ProgrammableWeb, a leading provider of web APIs, looks promising. It boosts Alcatel-Lucent's mobile apps business as telecom players could be increasing their adoption of APIs.

iPhone OS 4 review: Don't be afraid

While nothing could be as obnoxious as the Microsoft mantra -- you know, "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" -- I...

Higher Speeds, Fees on Verizon's 4G Network

Verizon is expected to roll out a long-awaited fourth generation wireless network by year end, promising to boost data speeds by 10 times. But watch out. While it may mean sharing hi-def video, say, over cellphones, it could also give the carrier a reason to raise monthly fees.

How to make $1 million, 99¢ at a time

Despite the recession, it's still possible to make money fast. In fact, you can make millions in a matter of months. It starts when you turn on an...

How many app stores are too many?

Intel (INTC) has announced it will create an app store for its Atom chip, the processor used to power small netbooks. Paul Otellini, Intel's CEO,...

Personal finance apps for the iPhone

Now that Apple has launched the App store for iPhones it is easier than ever to get a hold of your personal finances. Numerous companies have stepped...