When Investment Properties Attack

After the heady days of the housing bubble, many Americans have found themselves renting out recently acquired properties. But being an accidental landlord can have a pricey dark side.

The Top 10 Consumer Complaints

The Consumer Federation of America on Tuesday released its annual chronicle of the top 10 consumer complaints. The CFA list comes from a survey of 38 consumer agencies about the kinds of complaints they received in 2011.

Builders Start More Single-Family Homes; Permit Requests Surge

U.S. builders started work on more single-family homes in May and requested the most permits to build homes and apartments in three and a half years. The increase suggests the housing market is slowly recovering even as other areas of the economy have weakened.

Military Discounts: Save Money While Serving America

Everywhere you turn, it seems like companies are offering military discounts. Some of these deals are outstanding while others are scams, but the best deal may be one offered by the military itself. Here's a brief guide to the savings opportunities offered to service members and their families.

The Top 10 Growth Industries for 2011

After the long downturn, the coming year will present an opportunity for many industries to rejuvenate themselves. Independent researcher IBISWorld sorted through the data on 711 U.S.-based industries to give its predictions of the 10 top performing industries for 2011.

Three Companies That Are . . . Cutting Prices

Amazon, Volkswagen and a group of Florida real estate companies are drastically dropping the prices of some of their key products. In the video above, Douglas McIntyre reveals which products are getting the biggest price cuts. Could these cuts be a sign that deflation is at work? McIntyre does not believe that is the case.

Apartment renters see green

Anyone who's leased an apartment knows that rent control and peace and quiet rank high on a renter's wish list. To that list, add a strong...

Apartment Vacancies Put Banks at Risk

Apartment vacancy rates have soared to their highest level in 30 years, and if those units stay empty for long, their owners may be unable to pay their mortgages. The wave of defaults that could result poses the biggest risk to regional banks in 2010.