Could Yak Soon Become the New Buffalo?

Native to Asia's Himalayan Mountains and still exotic in the U.S. and Canada, yaks have some valuable qualities. They're environmentally sound, relatively easy to raise, have valuable wool and lower-fat meat than beef. Domestic yaks are still a cottage industry -- but gaining notice.

Cost of 'Twelve Days of Christmas' Items Jumps

Christmas carolers beware: the Twelve Days of Christmas are getting expensive. The cost of all the items in the holiday classic "The Twelve Days of Christmas" jumped to $23,439, an increase of $1,974 from last year.

Displaced Gulf Coast Pets Will Find New Homes in N.J.

Pictures of oil-soaked birds and sea creatures are the public image of the BP oil spill. But they aren't the only animals affected: The economic catastrophe in the Gulf Coast region has forced people to surrender dogs and cats in droves because they can no longer afford to care for them.

Flagging economy hurts horses, too

We've written about pet owners struggling to keep their dogs and cats. But Black Beauty is being stung by the economy as well.The Associated Press...

Has pet ownership become a luxury?

Here in tax-strapped California, Arnold and the legislature are thinking of all types of ways to balance the budget. One way is to increase taxes, of...