animal cruelty

McDonald's Works to Take Animal Cruelty off the Menu

McDonald's has finally caught up with consumer sentiment on the subject of factory farming and the inhumane treatment of animals. The fast food giant is using its massive leverage to push its pork suppliers to phase out cruelly confining gestation crates for their pigs.

Butterball Turkey Abuse Video Leaves a Bitter Taste

When consumers think of Butterball, they think turkey. But on Thursday, some highly unappetizing images of the birds being abused emerged that might cause many buyers to ponder what really went on before their holiday turkey dinners reached their plates.

McDonald's McRib's Deep, Dark Secret: Animal Cruelty

McDonald's reintroduction of the McRib sandwich has made news headlines and mouths water. However, the fans eagerly awaiting the limited-time opportunity to wolf down McRibs may not realize that McDonald's pork products contain a secret, unappetizing ingredient: pain.

Why won't the NFL play ball with PETA?

Say you're the head of the National Football League. You have the chance to make a long-running and very annoying public relations problem go away...